Dairy Packaging

Dairy Packaging

At Evergreen Packaging, we have extensive experience keeping dairy products fresh, so they taste their best. Dairy products are particularly sensitive to light and temperature changes. When light penetrates milk, it triggers a chain of chemical reactions resulting in loss of riboflavin, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. These changes can also be accompanied by an off-flavor. When milk increases in temperature, light-activated chemical processes are accelerated.

Better solutions

Our fiber-based packaging is designed to keep light and oxygen out, vitamins and taste in, helping to lock in freshness. We produce 100% of our food-grade board at our own mills. Our patented barrier technologies offer superior light, oxygen, and moisture-barrier protection.

Tru-Taste® Barrier Board

Designed to extend shelf life and package durability, we customize our proprietary barrier technology to meet your products’ needs for freshness.

Industry commitment

At Evergreen Packaging, we know the importance of children receiving enough vitamins and nutritional content in their diet. Milk provides an excellent source of calcium and vitamins. As a member of the School Nutrition Association and in partnership with its dairy customers, Evergreen Packaging promotes school milk consumption through package innovation and promotions.

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