Juice Packaging

Juice Packaging

Chilled, Ready-to-Serve (RTS) juice and drink markets have special packaging requirements. Chilled juices and drinks are primarily made from either pasteurized juice or concentrates. For more than 20 years the preferred package for these products has been the half-gallon gable top paperboard carton. These great-tasting, healthy beverages are kept refrigerated throughout distribution and are usually sold in stores’ dairy sections.

Better solutions

Evergreen Packaging offers Tru-Taste® gable top packaging solutions for chilled RTS juice and drink markets that capture the eye and tell a story of freshness, goodness, and taste appeal. Packaging that locks in flavor and nutrients.  Packaging that’s easy to open, pour, and store.  Packaging that sells, combining all the most desirable consumer, retailer, and processor benefits.

Tru-Taste® Barrier Board

Designed to extend shelf life and package durability, we customize our proprietary barrier technology to meet your products’ freshness needs.

Brand distinction

In the juice category, it’s especially important to broadcast your brand message with more force and clarity than ever before, using the brand-building power of four billboard panels showing vibrant, full-color graphics. It’s all about telling your story, and Evergreen paperboard packaging will help you capture that consumer attention every time.

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