Liquid & Dry Packaging

Dry Packaging

Evergreen Packaging offers packaging solutions for many liquid and dry products with various freshness requirements. It’s why we say our packaging is Fresh by Design™. With our years of paperboard-making experience, we provide innovative packaging that’s easy to open, pour, reclose, and store. You can count on our packaging to provide the best consumer, retailer, and processor benefits. Lock in the freshness and consumer qualities you desire with eye-catching graphics and superior packaging integrity with our fiber-based packaging solutions.

Common liquid packaging applications

  • Liquid eggs—processed to provide safe, extended shelf life.
  • Teas and coffee drinks.
  • Chilled vegetable and health beverages.
  • Household products like fabric softeners, detergents, and personal care products.

Common dry packaging applications

  • Cereals.
  • Snack foods and candies.
  • Sugar, salt, and condiments.
  • Non-food products like moisture absorbers, ice-thawing salts, fertilizers, spackling compounds, and many others.

Branding opportunities

Whether you’re operating in the liquid or dry-food space or in the non-food space, broadcasting your brand message clearly is always key. Take advantage of the brand-building power of four billboard panels of vibrant, full-color graphics. Evergreen Packaging solutions will help you capture attention and build brand awareness.

Custom solutions

Whether you need a new packaging idea for your brand or a product line extension for your products, we can help. We create packaging to specifically meet your product’s freshness and shelf life needs. Let us support your market success by helping you build brand awareness.

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