Specialty Paper Offerings

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Custom Stocks For Key Applications

  • Cups
  • Single-ply bags
  • Coin wrap
  • Ream wrap
  • Candy sticks
  • Cotton swab sticks
  • Poster board
  • Paper plates
  • Multiwall sacks
  • Food packaging
  • Silicone release
  • Packaging
  • Coating base
  • Industrial applications

We know it’s getting harder each day to find a consistent source for Specialty Papers. Few suppliers remain in the business – and even fewer understand what you need and how quickly you need it.

At Evergreen Packaging, we demonstrate a clear understanding of different end-use markets and develop paper products to meet unique customer requirements. You can count on us to supply the sustainable Specialty Paper solutions you need – backed by experienced professionals that understand the markets with the support, supply chain, and mill production facilities necessary to deliver on time, as promised.

Skyland Specialty Papers

We offer proven solutions for paper packaging and specialty converting. Our papers are manufactured for demanding custom applications including some you haven’t even heard of yet.

Shopping Bag – excellent print quality, good formation and high strength are the foundation for our Shopping Bag product line. The products are targeted at single-ply bag applications for shopping bags and merchandise bags and available in Standard and Hi-Brite shades.

Multiwall and Converting Kraft – high strength, FDA compliance and good print quality are key characteristics for our Multiwall and Converting Kraft product line. The products are targeted at multi-ply sacks for lawn and garden supplies, animal feed, seed and insutrial chemicals; multi-ply and single-ply bags for sugar, baking and other food packaging needs; and numerous other unique applications where strength, appearance, and consistent performance are essential.

Food Packaging – high strength, FDA compliance and good print quality are key characteristics for our Food Packaging product line. These products are targeted at food packaging and handling applications including corrugated clamshell and carryout boxes, flexible packaging, carryout bags, paper tubes, candy sticks, paper plates and cups.

Coating and Extrusion Base – excellent surface quality, formation and cleanliness with superior strength characteristics are the essential elements present in our Coating and Extrusion Base product line. The products are targeted for color coating, poly extrusion, lamination, polycoated release, corrugating and industrial casting base applications.

In addition to these segments, Evergreen Packaging has the resources, technical expertise, manufacturing capability and service capability to develop products for your unique Specialty Paper application. Contact us to discuss your specific end use requirements.