Evergreen Packaging is committed to the principles of sustainability in the communities where we live and work. On the surface, our business at Evergreen Packaging seems simple: We convert trees, a renewable material, into paper and paperboard cartons. Our paper and paperboard is also used to make products such as cups, food trays, envelopes, specialty papers, magazines, and catalogs. And the process to create those products involves multiple businesses in multiple communities. Because we’re an integral part of so many homes and communities, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously, from the forest through our entire manufacturing chain and to what happens with our paper products after they have been used by consumers. That’s why we developed the Evergreen Forest Certification Program® and continue working diligently for US carton access through the Carton Council, among many ongoing efforts.

Today, a significant number of consumers consider the environmental, economic, and social impact of the paper products and packaging that they use in their daily lives. So take a closer look and see how Evergreen Packaging products provide the sustainable attributes that consumers want.

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