Renewable Energy

Our Products Are Made With Renewable Energy

Evergreen Packaging has been using renewable energy for a long time. It’s engineered into our pulp and paper making process. Over 50% of the energy we use to make our paper products is renewable; it comes from biomass. We utilize two different sources of biomass for generating energy, residual wood material recovered in our manufacturing process and leftover wood either from local forest product industries or from our wood chip screening processes. No part of the tree is intentionally wasted in our manufacturing process.

We Utilize Renewable Energy. Daily.

Renewability is important. So is minimizing waste in our manufacturing process. Every day, our pulping processes take wood chips and separate the fiber from the lignin. The fiber is what is used to make our paper products. In a tree, the lignin is the glue that holds the fibers together. Since we can’t make paper with lignin, we are able to use it as a fuel for our operations. And it’s a very important energy source to us. Over 85% of our renewable energy comes from the lignin we separate from the wood fibers in our pulping process.

Evergreen Packaging also coordinates with other local forest product industries, such as lumber mills, to use their leftover wood to generate energy. We help them by providing a market for this material and it helps us generate additional renewable energy. Within our pulping facilities, we also separate out wood chips that do not meet quality standards needed for efficient process operations. But we don’t waste these wood chips; we use them to create renewable energy. The use of leftover wood for energy generation provides about 15% of our renewable energy.

We Utilize Renewable Energy. Efficiently.

Not only do we use renewable energy to power our operations, we also use a very efficient process called cogeneration, or combined heat and power (CHP). In the CHP process, we utilize steam generation for both on-site electricity generation and for process heat. This helps us reduce the use of electricity from our utility providers and avoid energy losses due to transmission of electricity. According to the EPA’s Combined Heat and Power Partnership, the use of CHP provides economic, efficiency, environmental, and reliability benefits and plays an important role in meeting the United States energy needs. At Evergreen Packaging, we generate over 50% of our electrical energy on-site through our CHP process.

We Support Renewable Energy. Locally.

In 2010, Evergreen Packaging partnered with FLS Energy and Progress Energy to develop the first large-scale solar farm in the U.S. located on a closed landfill site. Learn more about the Evergreen Solar Farm.