Our Cartons Are Made With Renewable Materials

Over 70% of the carton is made from paper using trees from responsibly managed forests. Responsible forestry promotes new forest growth, and these forests help to diminish greenhouse gases. Forests remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it in trees. In the US, due to both increases in the total area of forest land and increases in the carbon stored per acre, an additional 192 million metric tons of carbon are sequestered each year through responsible forest management programs nationwide. This offsets roughly 11% of the country’s industrial greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of removing almost 135 million passenger vehicles from the nation’s highways.

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We Rely on Renewable Resources. Naturally.

Overall new forest growth exceeds timber removal where Evergreen Packaging sources wood. We are committed to promoting responsible forestry and using third party certification to verify responsible forestry practices. All of our North American facilities, including mills, extrusion coating, and converting facilities, have independent third-party chain-of-custody certification from the SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY INITIATIVE® (SFI®) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). Our paperboard is made from 100% US-sourced wood and is traceable to the district of origin (state and county).

To ensure our wood comes from responsible sources:

  • We work closely with suppliers to make sure certification standards are met
  • We support logger education and encourage use of trained loggers
  • We complete risk assessments that show areas we source from are at low risk of violating standards
  • We monitor growth vs. removal in areas from which we source

    Read about how Evergreen Packaging is working with land and chip mill owners to promote sustainable forestry management.