Evergreen Packaging is committed to improving paper and carton recycling across the U.S. We believe that recovering and reusing paper to make other recycled paper products provides a great environmental benefit. We also offer several paper grades that contain post-consumer recycled fiber content.

AF&PA Award 2015

Evergreen Packaging is proud to be the recipient of the 2015 American Forest & Paper Association’s (AF&PA) Leadership in Sustainability Award for Paper Recovery for Recycling. Evergreen Packaging received the award for the carton recycle logo tracking system we developed and implemented. Recent consumer surveys show that a product’s package is the first place they look to find out if a package is recyclable and the absence of a recycle logo leads consumers to believe the package is not recyclable. Engaging and educating consumers about recyclability through on-package recycle logo use is an essential step in improving recovery of cartons and paper.

“Many thanks to AF&PA for recognizing Evergreen Packaging with the 2015 Leadership in Sustainability Award for Paper Recovery for Recycling,” said Evergreen Packaging President and CEO John Rooney. “Our On-Packaging Recycle Logo Use Tracking Project reflects our commitment to carton recycling and our larger corporate commitment to sustainable packaging. This project enables us to enhance the sustainability efforts of our customers and improve the recycling of the cartons we produce.”

“Evergreen took a creative and constructive approach to increase recovery for recycling,” said AF&PA President and CEO Donna Harman. “Their proactive efforts have helped educate their customers and the wider public about the recyclability of paper cartons.”

Since 1990, the amount of paper and paperboard recovered in the US has increased by 76%. In 2013 the paper recovery rate was over 50 million tons, which represents 63% of the paper supplied in the U.S. As a member of AF&PA, we support the industries goals to improve paper recycling. To find out more about paper recycling, please visit


We Promote Recycling. Passionately.

Four leading carton manufacturers formed the Carton Council in 2009 to improve the nation’s carton recycling infrastructure. As a founding member, Evergreen Packaging seeks to reduce the environmental impact of carton disposal by working to increase the availability of carton recycling in households across the United States. The Carton Council’s goals include promoting development of a recycling infrastructure and expanding access and awareness of carton recycling. Securing viable outlets for fiber recovered from recycled cartons is also among the Carton Council’s key initiatives.

Over 50 percent of U.S. households have access to carton recycling, and that number is on the rise. It is estimated that several million more households will gain carton recycling accessibility over the next year. Cartons are recyclable only where facilities exist, and you can find out where programs are available at Today’s beverage carton could be tomorrow’s tissue or other recycled paper products.


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